It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the world’s forests. By supplying wood, mitigating climate change, maintaining biodiversity and contributing to the livelihoods of over two billion people, forests play a critical role in the world’s economies and ecosystems.

But the importance of forests often goes unnoticed, and a major challenge for us is to help people realize the significance of forests and their products. Within the Faculty of Forestry, we undertake critical research, participate in community outreach, and educate graduates and undergraduates to meet this challenge.

As a truly interdisciplinary Faculty, we want to be the nexus for ideas about forests and their goods and services; a place where ideas are turned into actions that benefit forests, the people who depend on forests, and all of humanity.

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The Faculty of Forestry is dedicated to excellence in teaching, expanding our research capacity, strengthening our community engagement, and providing students the best possible environment in which to learn. Learn more

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Learn how our donors have helped shape the future of our Faculty and the positive impact that giving has had on our students and researchers, we invite you to peruse through our many success stories:

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Thanks to the support and generosity of our alumni, friends and community partners, the UBC Faculty of Forestry is able to explore innovative research and educational projects that impact our students as well as local and international forest communities across the globe.

There are many ways you can support the Faculty of Forestry. Some examples include: cash, gift of securities, annuities, gift-in-kind and property. Learn More

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