Impact of Donor Support


Building Research Capacity

In the Faculty of Forestry, research has two roles: it is the key to identifying and defining problems, and is also the key to solving them. Research creates new knowledge, drives innovation and fosters an engaged intellectual community in our Faculty. The application of research contributes to the environmental, social and economic well-being of society. View all building research capacity stories.

Enriching Student Learning

There are no forests in lecture halls, and none in labs. Students in the Faculty of Forestry must literally “get out of town” in order to apply what they are learning at UBC. Studying, volunteering and working in the field makes the theoretical practical, makes the abstract real, and breathes life into the science and art of forestry. View all enriching student learning stories.

Community Engagement

The Faculty recognises that engaging alumni, industry, forest-dependent communities, Aboriginal peoples, associations, government and non-governmental organisations and the wider community at large, both in Canada and internationally is vital to building a sustainable future for forestry and tackling conservation issues. View all community engagement stories.

Recent Stories

Former Dean Expands Scholarship Opportunities
Thanks to the generosity of Clark Binkley, former Dean of the Faculty of Forestry, graduate students in course-based Professional Masters programs have another potential means of supporting their studies. With a gift of $380,000, Clark has established the Binkley Family Graduate Scholarship, which made its first awards to three students in Professional Masters degree programs in the 2017-18 academic year.

Gift of Shares Creates Bursary for Undergraduate Students
Third-year Forest Resources Management student Tori Lahoda is the inaugural recipient of the J. F. Newman BSF 1962 Forestry Bursary, established in 2017 by Jack Newman. “When I found out I received the bursary, I almost fell down. This was a huge game-changer for me,” she says. “This year has by far been the hardest of my program. I have student loans but they aren’t enough to live on. It was such a relief to receive this support.”

Faculty Member Establishes Award for Students Entering Forestry
For many, many Branchlines readers, Dr. Peter Marshall needs no introduction. As a professor since 1983, and Associate Dean Academic of the Faculty of Forestry from 1998 to 2016, literally thousands of students have met him in his office, a classroom, or a forest.

Help Take Students out of the Classroom
To hear students talk about their experiences at Forestry Field School, you’d think they were describing something a lot more, well, transcendent. “A fantastic opportunity,” they say. “Amazing.” “Has deeply enriched my life.” “Invaluable.”