Share your Story

UBC Forestry alumni are some of the most interesting people with original stories out there! Our students, alumni and forestry community would like to hear your story.

Share your experiences and career path after graduation and we will put you up on our profiles website. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • How was your time at UBC Forestry? Any memorable moments/teachers/events?
  • What has your career path been since graduation?
  • What are you doing now?
  • Do you have a project or idea you would like to share?
  • Do you have some life lessons or tips you wish you knew when you were a student/new alumni or that you would like to share with students?

See samples of other Alumni Profiles here and contact with Janna Kellett, your Alumni Relations Officer for more information on how you can get involved.

Your Evolution

YourEvolution_images-250Are you doing your bit to change the world?

If you’re a UBC grad working on a great project at UBC or in the community that is making a difference, we want to hear from you. Why share?

Why share? Because by tapping into a large network of fellow alumni you stand to gain exposure and win support for your cause. And as soon as you add your voice to this website, you will be kept informed every time there is a new opportunity for promoting your project.

Learn more at Your Evolution or see what projects are happening at UBC Forestry.